You can depend on Cochrane and Associates to provide excellent service and top-quality workmanship every time. Our team has many years of experience, knowledge and skill in plasterboard fixing and stopping industry.
Step 1 – Keith Cochrane –
the quote
Step 2 – Tim Wealleans – measure, install and finish
Step 3 – Neville Jones –
final checks

Keith will discuss your requirements and explain the options, for example:

Keith will price your plans, giving a detailed written quote. Note: this is a quote NOT an estimate. Everything is explained, with no hidden or surprise costs.

After the quote is accepted in writing, Tim will arrange a site-measure and give any advice on bracing requirements needed to get through the council’s pre-line inspection and identify any potential issues.

Tim will arrange delivery and hand unloading, fixing and arrange your Council pre-stop inspection if required before the stoppers arrive. GIB®-Cove will be installed, if this upgrade is chosen, before your builder returns to complete finishing ready for the painters to begin.

Neville will check your house and attend to any defects or damage to the plasterboard after the stoppers have left, walls, ceilings or cove, and ensure a comprehensive check.

Once the sealer coat has been applied we can return for a final check. As maintenance manager, he’ll work in with your painter and builder.

But our great service doesn’t finish there. We will come out and fix any popped nails or general movement issues that may occur during the settling period of your house.

Use our guide to the different levels of finish available when installing and stopping (plastering) plasterboard.

A Level 4 finish should be fine if all steps are taken. If in doubt, please ask for advice. We are more than happy to talk you through it.

If required specify Level 5 at the planning stage to ensure building tolerances are met in the sub-straight/framing.
Level 5 always requires the cooperation of the architects and designers, lighting design, builders and framers, plasterboard fixers and installers, and plasterers and painters to achieve a suitable standard of finish. Level 5 isn’t just a matter of a skim coat rather it’s a whole process. Some minor imperfections may still be visible in a level 5 finish.

You shouldn’t see a big difference in the surface texture between the smooth plaster finish and the paper faced board surface on a Level 4.

Plasterboard Level 4 shouldn’t show this texture difference if appropriate painting practices and procedures are follow correctly.

If this difference is seen after painting you’ll notice smooth joint bands of plaster under the paint. This is because the texture differences between smooth plaster and rougher paper surface can be seen. This needs to be disguised and camouflaged through painting. The “Orange Peel” affect helps to disguise and break up the light striking the surface.

Level 5 or one of the many high-build paint applied surface preps should achieve a good satisfactory finish.

Ensure your painter is trained in the use of their given method of application. A beautiful finish can be achieved if all steps are taken and considered.”

A Level 4 finish should be fine if all steps are taken. If in doubt, please ask.

Cochrane and Associates is committed to meeting the obligation of the Health and Safety act.

We ensure as far as reasonably practicable that the health and safety of every person working on or visiting our workplace is safe.

Helpful Hints

A successful, high-quality plasterboard finish is dependent on excellent service, top-quality workmanship and knowledge… and the following few simple steps:

Painting of Plasterboards & Backrolling

The Master Painters Association recommends that when painting new plaster board a three coat system should apply as per
the Industry Standard.

All preparation and painting works should be to the A/S 2311:2009 Painting of Buildings

Another helpful resource for homeowners along with painters alike is the Resene Painting video page. and look for the Broadwall range of products.

We highly recommend a product like Resene Broadwall Surface Prep & Seal for plasterboard sealing and the Backrolling method be used.

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